The Howard-Jones Family

A Brief History & Genealogy

1947 Doco from Mt Gambier

In this 1947 documentary film, Neville Howard-Jones (son of Frank & Elsie Howard-Jones) is filmed with his wife-to-be Norma Baird, and two other young adults.  Neville & Norma feature in the film a few times from 6 minutes, 37 seconds (6:37) with a clear face shot at 8 minutes, 29 seconds (8:29).

A 1947 documentary film, in color, promoting the landscape and activities in, and around Mount Gambier. Copied by the State Library of S.A., who state copyright no longer applies due to the films age. Premiere was at Ozone Theatre, 12 March 1947.

History group researches Howard-Jones nurse

Over the past year, the Mount Gambier History Group has been researching into the “West Kirby Private Hospitals” which existed in Mount Gambier between 1912 to 1945.  These hospitals were established & run by Sister Elsie Howard-Jones.  A remarkable woman, who highly qualified in her day, and with a small group of physicians, provided a range of medical & surgical procedures to patients.

A copy of the research is available for download via the Family Profiles page.

Family connections

I was thrilled to get an email overnight from my “3rd cousin” Alicia who lives in New York.

Alicia is the decendent of Rhoda Jones, who was the sister of Frank Howard-Jones.

In her email, Alicia talked about how she has lots of old photographs of Frank’s family (parents, siblings, etc), and also wrote of stories told by my great-great grandfather Zachariah Jones.

“My grandfather always spoke fondly of his grandfather Zachariah, and can remember that he would have all the grandchildren gather around and tell stories.  I know that Zachariah drove carriage for a doctor at one time [from these stories].”

It’s exciting to discover new family around the place.  I still wonder if any of our cousins also came to Australia over the years…

Passenger List

This is the passenger list for the S.S. Irishman arriving Melbourne in May 1912 ex Liverpool.

Frank Jones, and Elsie Mary Jones are listed.

It’s interesting that the surname remains “Jones”, as the story was “Howard” was added so there was no confusion with luggage and the other Jones’ on board.

Perhaps this was still done on the actual luggage… further investigation needed.

S.S. Irishman Passenger list

As the family tree grows

The majority of research is done on the Ancestry website. As you can see, the generations keep on going back and back. Imagine how many cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins we have out there!

Family tree as shown on

Family tree as shown on


Family resemblance helps

On the Ancestry website you can search for a person, and included in the results is hits from other people’s family trees.

In looking at “hints” relating to Frank, I came across this picture.  Now, I’d never seen this photo before of Frank Howard-Jones, but had no doubt I was onto the right person when you see this photo and compare it to Neville, and even Graeme!  Wow.

Frank & Elsie Howard-Jones

Frank & Elsie Howard-Jones


Hi everyone,
I was thinking about Nanna (Norma Howard-Jones) earlier tonight, and recalled I had all this information that she’d given me regarding the story of my great-grandparents Frank & Elsie. How they met in England, fell in love, married, tried to sail to America on the TITANIC but couldn’t get a ticket!!.. and I realised that if we don’t preserve this amazing story (and the stories of our own lives), then they are going to be lost forever!

So, I set up this website. Dedicated to our family history. Our genealogy, and lineage as far back as we can discover, and hopefully moving forwards from generation to the next.

If you’re reading this, then I hope you will accept an invitation to be a part of the contributors.
I cant wait to see what you have to share!

Alan Howard-Jones