The Jones family in England is large and spans hundreds of years.

Our story begins with a young man named Frank Jones, born 25 June 1881, who was the second eldest son of Zachariah and Ruth Jones.  His siblings were older brother Albert, and sisters Clara, Rhoda and Lucy, with brothers Harry and Charles.

Zachariah & Ruth Jones, with their family

Zachariah & Ruth Jones, with their family

It was Frank who migrated to Australia with his wife, and changed his surname to include his middle name ‘Howard’.  Read more about Frank and his journey here.

 The Jones Lineage

The lineage of the Jones men has been traced as far back as 1700.

  • Richard Jones (born 1700 – Brislington, Somerset, England)
  • Richard Jones (born 1723 – Brislington, Somerset, England)
  • Samuel Jones (born 1760 – Keynsham, Somerset, England)
  • Richard Jones (born 1803 – Bath, Somerset, England)
  • Zechariah Jones (born 1854 – Bath, Somerset, England) [Marriage]
  • Frank Howard Jones (born 1881 – Keynsham, Somerset, England) [Birth Cert] [Marriage]