This page talks about the career and achievements of Elise Marion Howard-Jones, with particular emphasis on her nursing work around Mt Gambier between 1912 and 1945.

History of Sister Elsie Howard-Jones and Private hospitals in Mount Gambier.

Researched by Stephanie Edgeworth 2015

SISTER ELSIE MARY HOWARD-JONES ran a private hospital from several locations within Mount Gambier between 1912 and 1945.  All the hospitals were known as WEST KIRBY HOSPITAL and were capable of admitting maternity, medical and surgical patients.

Download the full research paper here, West Kirby Hospitals and Sister Elsie Howard-Jones

Patient records & Accounts of “West Kirby” Private Hospital

The original hand-written patient records & accounts recorded by Sister Elise Howard-Jones is preserved by the Howard-Jones family.  The 68 page document contains a wide range of maternity, medical & surgical notes including basic patient info, admission & discharge dates and follow-up notes.  The record also contains references to financial accounts of the hospitals incoming and outgoing expenses.


The record was digitised and reproduced in 2016 and re-bound for safe handling.

The document and its reproduction is not for loan or purchase.

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