When Zechariah Dyer Jones was born in 1854 in Bath, Somerset, his father, Richard, was 51 and his mother, Sarah, was 41. He married Ruth Fear on September 29, 1878, in Bristol, Gloucestershire. They had seven children in 18 years. He died in September 1937 in Bath, Somerset, at the age of 83.

A Jones Story“, as recollected by Marilyn Kinner

“My father told us  that Zachariah Jones loved to tell his grandchildren stories.  He would gather them around the fire. Take lots of time getting settled in his chair and lighting his clay pipe.  At critical points in the story he would spit into the fire making it sizzle and scaring his listeners.”

Zachariah drove a horse and carriage for a Keynsham doctor.  One night the doctor was called to a manor in a nearby village.  It was a terrible night.  The rain was pouring, the lightening flashing and the thunder crashing.  They got to the manor, the doctor went inside and Zachariah sat and waited out side sitting in the drivers seat under an umbrella.

Suddenly he heard a terrible noise coming down the road. It was a wheezing snuffling noise.  Zachariah became very frightened.  He picked up the reins and his whip and was just about to whip the horse and leave when he saw an old Bull Terrier come waddling into sight wheezing and snuffling.